Ameliant is not your usual consultancy. We are not interested in doing huge, never-ending jobs where we constantly try to sell in more consultants; nor in doing a fly-in engagement, where we drop you a report at the end and leave your team scratching their heads.

Our work falls broadly into three categories:


Your team are about to start building a set of integrations and you need a bit of training, some guidance as to how to structure it all, a strategy for setting up a development environment and how to manage it all once it hits production. Alternatively, you have put something together and want a sanity check.

When you engage us, we will have a discussion with you as to the shape of your project, the skills that you have in-house, and your consulting wish-list. Based on this we will outline a proposed engagement.

Our interaction starts with an introduction to your project. We will drill into not only what you are trying to integrate, but also the operational aspects like the shape of your production environment, any deployment constraints, monitoring, security, and disaster recovery.

This is usually followed by an introduction to the products for your team members who have not encountered them before.

From here on, we usually work through your integration requirements one by one, and sketch out a proposed strategy. We may do some coding with you at this point in time to deliver some representative integrations.

As part of the work, we can optionally prepare a consulting report for you detailing the points covered and a plan for you to move forward.

You may decide at this point that you are happy to go on from here by yourselves. That’s great, we’ll check in on you from time to time and see how the project is going.

Alternatively, you may like to engage us for a longer period of time at the beginning of your project to guide the team, a bit of occasional help when you get stuck, or as a periodic check that things are moving ahead in a consistent manner. We are more than happy to help out, and can accommodate you with an on-site visit, or remotely.


You have built something, it worked OK for a while but it’s not behaving as it should any more. Messages are disappearing, things are getting stuck, resources are getting consumed strangely, or it’s just not going as fast as you would like.

Again, it all starts with a phone conversation. We will ask you to outline the issues, and get a sense of the environment that it is happening in. Depending on how complex we think the issues might be, we will propose an engagement typically of 2-3 days.

When we visit you we will talk directly with your developers and operations people to get a better sense of what exactly is going on, and what has been tried before. Once we work out what the issues are we can either roll up our sleeves and fix them on the spot, or make recommendations for you to perform if it’s a larger job.

If you like, we can prepare a report on what was determined, and steps to fix. If longer-term changes need to be made, we will check in later on to see how things went.


We know that integration and messaging are big topics, and that it’s difficult to know where to start. We can deliver a custom bootcamp to you around Apache Camel running on ServiceMix, JBoss Fuse, Fabric8 or Tomcat to get you going, tailored to your team’s background, roles and specific use cases.

We think you will enjoy working with us.